The Oaks East

The Oaks East
Lat: -38.67388 - Lon: 145.64391
Popular unofficial nude beach down in South Gippsland between Inverloch and Cape Paterson.
To get to the nude area you go down to the main beach at The Oaks and then walk to the rocks at the left (east end) and then around the point to the next little beach.

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Gippy Nudist
This is a great beach and now quite popular with nudists. There is a nice Sandy stretch and rock pools to paddle in. The locals are friendly.

Went exploring the other day. The rock pools at the end have begun g aves crashing over them approaching high tide... some are mossy and very slippery and you’d have to really pick your time to cross there going to and from. There were only a couple of people on the beach compared to others nearby.
Probably not secluded enough to go nude there as it’s a fairly small beach ( unless there were others there but down at the rock pool end) don’t think there’s another way to get there, but crossed at safer times, we’ll worth the crossing.... nicest area around nd that way... currents are strong, so paddling past your midriff area would be a good idea.

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