Saunders Beach

Saunders Beach
Lat: -19.1679 - Lon: 146.62399
Unofficial. See review below where it says there is a sign saying nudity is no longer allowed on this beach.
To get to Saunders Beach head north along the Bruce Highway toward Ingham for approximately 25 km. About 200 metres after passing under a railway viaduct turn right and follow this road for about 8 km. This will take you into the small seaside settlement of Saunders Beach. When you reach the waterfront turn right into Reef Street and then bear right again after approximately 100 metres into Cay Street and continue to the end of it. When on the beach head south until you cross over the mouth of a small creek. It is a beautiful sandy beach with shady trees. Be careful crossing the creek at high tide, although it is never very deep.

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Regular @ Saunders
I recently visited Saunders beach, well yesterday actually. First their is no sign saying no nude bathing, actually there is no sign at all.
Keep in mind the disaterous floods that hit the region at the start of the year, well Saunders beach, the part after the creek has had a major "facelift" Don't get we wrong it is still an invigorating place to visit.
It is long with beautiful sloping sand to a very inviting and refreshing swim. The view from the start of beach all the way down to the gental left curve until it magically disappears leading the eye to a very distant view of Cape Pallarenda and Magnetic island.
The walk along the beach is very easy going with the sly beachside breeze keeping you cool.
Don't forget the hat AND sunscreen as the sun, whilst warm and enlightening can be brutal after a while. As for singles, couples and families I stop and have a yarn with them, when I see them.


I am a visitor from England. Two years ago I visited Saunders beach which is a loverly beach and the indicated naturist area quite a way from the general public but easily accessible which is ideal for me as I have a heart condition and I enjoyed my time naked sunbathing. Also I met like minded couples and singles. You can imagine my dismay 2years later on another visit to find a sign banning naturism or as they put it nudity on the beach reminding everyone that it is illegal in Queensland. Why?? The location is far enough up this massive beach to accommodate the naturist without causing any offence to the general public or those that are not into naturism.I find this a crying shame.Why not live and let live naturism is becoming main stream in many countries and in other parts of Australia. I live in hope of change in Queensland even if I don't get to see it.

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