World Naked Bike Ride

12 Jan 2023

The World Naked Bike Ride is a once-a-year protest or demonstration in the form of a clothing optional bicycle ride which that happens in approximately 70 cities around the world.

Through our naked and highly visible presence on the streets of Melbourne, our protest aims to:-

Highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to motorists who appear blind to our presence
Promote cycling as an alternative to a car culture
Encourage positive body image for all

Too many cyclists are killed or injured on our roads by car drivers who claim that they did not see the cyclists. We say to the car drivers, if we ride naked, can you see us now?

Our naked riders are as vulnerable as the planet that we live on due to a society that over promotes car use. Ditch your car, grab a bike, and do your health and the environment a big favour.

Too many people of all genders and ages are unhappy with their bodies. We encourage all to come along “as bare as you dare” and be happy with your body.

We welcome all, male and female, and all ages to the World Naked Bike Ride Melbourne 2023. Please join us for our 18th Annual ride, the longest running World Naked Bike Ride in Australia.

It’s also a fun and free!

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