This Naturist News Blog lists the latest naked news items from around the world.

Nudity and naturism is 'best way to teach sex education' to children
Children should be receiving a sex education that teaches nudity is normal, as a way of reducing unhealthy and oversexualised attitudes to naked bodies, a report has said.
Published: 13/06/2016
This Is What It's Like To Live Most Of Your Life Naked
I firmly believe that if you want to experience euphoria sans drugs, all you have to do is take off your bra after a long workday.
Published: 02/05/2016
Nudity is the ultimate test of self-acceptance. Why are we so afraid of it?
I was baffled when my friends called me ‘brave’ for going on a naked art gallery tour. To remove one’s clothing is a physical form of liberation
Published: 08/08/2015
Topless 'Bare with us' protest rally in Canada
Hundreds of Canadian woman joined a topless protest march after three sisters were allegedly stopped by police for cycling without shirts.
Published: 02/08/2015
One man's year as a nudist
American writer Mark Haskell Smith overcame his nerves and spent a year immersing himself in the world of nudism.
Published: 29/06/2015
The Scottish Government banned women from breastfeeding at a breastfeeding conference
A Scottish government backed event aimed at 'removing the barriers' to breastfeeding told mothers that breastfeeding would not be 'appropriate'
Published: 22/01/2015
China's censorship of period drama cleavage provokes outrage
China's most popular television drama has been re-edited to get rid of the plunging necklines featured in the show. It has provoked a large amount of public outrage, something which is fairly rare in China.
Published: 13/01/2015
Celebrity nudists: the stars who like to let it all hang out
From Kate Humble to Helen Mirren, Robbie Williams to Brad Pitt, meet the stars who love to moon...
Published: 07/01/2015
The Naked Village
This new documentary for More4 lifts the lid on Spielplatz, near St Albans, where the residents live their everyday lives naked. There's also naked yoga and a naked body art festival.
Published: 06/12/2014
Toplessness - the one Victorian taboo that won't go away
Current taboos against female toplessness date from the 19th Century. Is it ever likely to change, asks the novelist Sara Sheridan.
Published: 15/11/2014
Naked Lunacy: Not this very eccentric rambler, but the huge sums wasted jailing him
After almost a decade in and out of prison, Britain’s most surprising inmate — real name Stephen Gough — has lost his chance of freedom at the European Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Published: 03/11/2014
We tolerate nudity on our screens, but when the Naked Rambler goes for a stroll, we’re all outraged
How can someone who has spent nine years in jail for his beliefs not have received more public support?
Published: 31/10/2014
Kate Humble urges everyone to enjoy nature by getting naked
BBC wildlife presenter Kate Humble has revealed she gets closer to nature by walking around naked as she urges "everyone to try it."
Published: 07/09/2014
Naturism criminalised: Why not being able to bare all is a bummer
I long for a society in which it is socially acceptable to bathe in the buff
Published: 28/07/2014
Naturist Holidays and camper vans go together
Naturist holidays and my camper van just go hand in hand here. Pitching down in a camping site or finding a remote naturist beach is something I'm ...
Published: 01/07/2014