Campbells Cove

Campbells Cove
GPS: Lat: -37.9414 - Lon: 144.74013
Official nude beach. Considered by some to be the worst beach in the area.
To get to Campbell's Cove Beach from Werribee turn into Duncans Road, then after some distance into Aviation Road. From here it is right into Cunningham Road and then left into Campbell's Cove Beach Road. Proceed past the fishermen's huts to the end of the road. From the Melbourne side take the Point Cook turn off, then along Aviation Road, Cunningham Road etc.


Colin Parker
Had a wonderful time, loved being free an easy

hi,this is outdated now,signs(lots of)have been posted saying legal status has been revoked,a lot of complaints from werribee residents?cheers

It's a bleak stretch of sand on the edge of farms and houses. The only shelter is a few waist-high coastal shrubs, so standing up is quite visible from a distance. The water is also often full of seaweed. However, for all that, it is an easy 40 mins from Melbourne and the crowd are good natured and friendly. There are often many on the beach in relatively close proximity. 99% men. The nude section of beach is probably not much more than 200-300m long and often crowded, but, once again, I have never had a bad experience with the crowd who are tolerant and respectful of each other. A good nude sun bathing place that is close to the city. Don't expect too much and you will enjoy the sun.

Just a few words: this beach is absolutely awful and more of an irritation just finding it in the maze of lonely roads 'way out west'. A large car park at the end of a bumpy narrow road lined by beach houses fronting the water gives an initial promising view, but the beach itself is anything but attractive, and situated right next to a drain that carries industrial and urban run-off. Even the water is far, far removed from a pretty blue that is sought-after by naturists and the odour was, on my visit, repulsive. I would not swim in it. I have been once only and would never consider it an option to visit again. Point Impossible is the place to be.

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