Naturism in Argentina

Playa Querandí 
Villa Gesell Pcia. de Buenos Aires

Located in the municipality of Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Ruta 11 Km 429.5 with free public admission to the beach from Ocean Blue (4 km.)
Playa Escondida 
Chapadmalal, Mar del Plata, Pcia. de Buenos Aires

Argentinas first clothing optional beach on the Atlantic, located between Mar del Plata and Miramar by Route 11, mile 552.5, with parking, bar
Provincia de Córdoba Argentina

Naturist dining club in Córdoba City.
La Pachamama 
F. Abramo 1852 La Reja - Pdo. Moreno Buenos Aires

Surrounded by aged trees 38km from Buenos Aires. Large house style with spacious lounge, pool table, cabins and dorms for overnight stays, swimming pool, barbecue grills, ample parking and campsites.
Yoga DesNudo 
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Yoga classes individually and in groups. Massage.
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